The Official Business Credit Building Checklist

One secret of building business credit that few entrepreneurs know is that to move to
each stage of the process you must have a certain amount of tradelines established,
which are also known as payment experiences.

For example, to get approved for revolving business credit store cards you must have
five payment experiences reporting to the business credit reporting agencies. While
to get approved for cash credit such as Visa cards will require a total of 10 payment

For you to successfully build your business credit you should have access to some, if
not all, of your business credit reports.

In doing so you can watch your credit building in real-time, and you can see when new payment experiences report prompting you to move to the next building stage such as getting store or cash credit.

Make sure you follow these steps to obtain your business credit reports:

1.Get your DUNS Number from Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) by Clicking Here.

Almost every credit issuer will ask for your DUNS number on the application, so getting this setup is the first and most important step… and it’s FREE to do

2.Get access to your D&B business credit reports by Clicking Here. D&B is the biggest of the three major business
reporting agencies, so you should get setup with them above all others.

3.Get access to your Experian business credit reports by Clicking Here. Experian is the second most popular reporting agency, it’s not essential to get your monitoring setup with them but considering many creditors do report to them, it’s a good idea.

4.Get access to your Equifax business credit reports by Clicking Here. Very few credit issuers use Equifax, and even
fewer creditors report to them. You can get your Equifax reports, but it for sure isn’t essential.